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Harry the Fridge Repairman, on its way to be the most funniest indie game of 2010. With in this news content I will tell you something about the people who work in this game, and some more about the game in general.

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Meet the Team:
Simon Engelbrecht: concept artist. this cool dude is making concepts for us and that is important when evrything needs to be visualised from ideas to drawnings ;).

Avenger: 3d Modeler.I know this guy for some time now and he is very capable of modeling all kinds of things :P and that is what we need :).

Sondre: 3D modeler. Very nice guy to work with gots lots of ideas wich are going to make the game even more fun to play :).

Adam: 3D modeler/2D artist/Programmer. Good at evrything what he does. very happy he is helping us .

Minimus: 3D modeler. Very good modeler. who is up for a challenge and loved to help us out :) luckely for us ofcourse.

Matt: Programmer. He knows how to makes games within Microsoft Xna. and cause the games is going to be made in XNA.

Me, Bas de Vreugd: yep that me. hard to say good stuff about yourself :P but i am doing 3d models and trying to keep progress moving...

Game Desciption:

The Story

Harry is the best fridge repairman you've ever met. He knows everything there is to know about refrigerators and freezers. After months of tinkering, his freeze gun is finally complete: it might look like a flamethrower, but it shoots out the coldest air ever. It'll freeze you to the bone before you even realize it!

After shopping his freeze gun to various companies, even the military, Harry throws his prototype in the closet and forgets about it for a couple of months.

Until a crack opens in his backyard, and he sees lava pouring out, along with all sorts of demonic-looking, devilish things that start turning his neighborhood into a place worthy of their presence. Harry gets pissed-off, remembers his freeze gun, straps on two large tanks of refrigeration gas, and starts going after the demons, freezing up the lava as he goes along.

Turns out the demons don't like the cold! Who'd'a thunk it? After single-handedly saving his town from a demonic invasion, he goes down into the crack, with the whole neighborhood cheering him on.

"When will you be back, Harry?" asks his next-door neighbor's little girl.
"When hell is frozen over, Lucy, when hell is frozen over."

Then he jumps in.

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