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All visual. All awesome. Gather round children, i'm bout to take the floor.

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Hi everyone!

It's been a while, and i know my biggest fans out there know that i usually go all talker, no shower, but this time around, ima try the opposite.
As i told you in my last dev log, i mainly worked on tools to interact with the little creature and i also coded the foundations of his complex mind.
I got a lot of things to show you:


  1. Grabber
  2. Feeder
  3. Puncher
  4. Death & Production Chain
  5. Creature Mind

1) Grabber




Grabbing the creature and moving it around. Can be use to interrupt his actions and hurt him as well (if thrown into the walls for example)

Fun Times

2) Feeder




Feeding the creature. Not fed creature is a dead creature. Overfed creature is an obese creature. Creature can have food type prefrences.

Fun Times

3) Puncher




Teaching that pretentious little prick some good manners!

Fun Times

4) Death & Production Chain

As you could have guessed, this last tool naturally led me to his death. Since it's kind of a laboratory environement, you'll have several guinea pigs at your disposal. Here's how one dies and get replaced (in the final version of the game, it's gonna be a currency, the player will not have unlimited demons as shown below).

5) Creature Mind

This might be the most subtly complex system i built to this day, the brain of that little guy. It took me more than two weeks because i had to do a huge ton of refactoring in order to get it working properly, but now it's there and there are a lot of things i can easily make him do now.
Unfortunately, the only example i have today isn't really showcasing that complexity very much, but hey, it's coming soon, you'll have to do with that for now.
It's his feeding process, super simple.

Fun Times


Please notice how i didn't went all chitchatty on you guys this time, but beware, i still might next time ;)

I'm happy because i'm in a very visual phase of production, so many juicy things were added to the game in only two weeks and i kinda want to stay in this vibe for now. So here is a list of the things you could very likely see in my future dev logs:

  • New observation pop-up menu
  • Multiple texture updates
  • Top door
  • Demon espacing/cooperative/rebellious processes
  • Tools, moar of them
  • Discoveries, moar of them

See you next time, friendos.
Amer "Docteur Percepied" Jongleur, Over.

Feel free to follow me on twitter if you want to keep up with my progression

PS: I released a new track, it's even more accessible than last time, you'll be surprised!

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