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The first part of the Timeline Starting in 1009 with the first Expidition of the Novans in Space.Also it is very unpleasant for me to tell u that most of the Shipwork that was done is lost.

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first of all I have to say that the Project will now take a lot more time to be finished because of the last weeks brokedown of my laptop and losing of all shipmodels that were done by now.So as a consequence I have to redo my Work and hopefully there will be more detailled ships so that your graphics-card is bugging.Nah,just a Joke,but i will try to make the new Models more deatailled.
To the second part of the News I give You a short and first Part Tiemline sum-up.
The Timeline starts with the first Spaceflights of the Novans and I will just tell you a bit of the Timeline of the Nova first,because till 2009 we all now our Histroy,more or less ;D

1009: -the first Spaceship is builded on Nova
A year later they made the first expidition to Space with a great success
1029: The Novan Aero administration ( short NAA) built the first colonyship and launched into Space to colonize the very next moon to Nova (called Alsaaria)
1031: Because of the great successm of the first colonization the NAA (that renames itsel in that year to the NSA :Novan Space Administration) launches two more colony ships to settle them down on the her two moons surrounding Nova.
1056: A technological breakthrough made it possible to build a Jump-Engine for short-distance jumps
Two Years after that three ships were equipped with that Jumpengine.But that test were failures and all three ships were destroyed.For the science it was a catastrophy and the cancelled that project.
1123: After Years of growing population,all four planets had to fight with overpopulation and so the NSA
launched three sleeperships into space to colonize the Worlds in that Solarsystem,but only one ship reached a colonizable Planet.
1176:The first Jumpgate was built and established in the Orbit around Nova.About twenty Years later on the first Colonies Jumpgates were built and so a new traffic network was established.
And needed not a long time to push up the piracy in the space and so the first waves of pirate attacks were launched on civilian tradeships.
In 1190 the Interstellar Police was established but their effort to get donw the Piracy was just not enough.
So in 1278: The last planets in the Solarsystem were finally clonized and the Novan Governement renamed his System and it was of now the Core.Also military forces were now founded and combined as the Novan Space Force (NSF).
1290 After a century of ineffective police work the NSF launched a great attack on the Raiders base at the outer edge of the system,located on the 13th Planet Saarjia.After the military forces arrival they bombed the Planet back into stoneage.This attack was always remebered as The Saarjian Massacre, because of the huge Collateral Damage.No single civilian survived that attack.
1301: The Novan Democratical Governement renamed itself to the Novan Empire with Emperor Thaaldur beeing the only one on the Throne.After his Death no one attempted to pretend on the Throne.
After that the governement calls out an era of peace and colonization.

The second part will come on weekend ;)

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