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Welcome to STAR WARS - A GALAXY IN CRYSIS In this first "news" articel, I want to give you some general information and want look for a team. I will devide the articel in different parts with headings so you can just read what you´re interested in...

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General information:
The duel of the fates, fight of father and son, Yoda against the emperor, Anakin vs Obi Wan;
fantastic worlds like Tattoine, Hoth, Felucia, Kashyyyk, the city in the clouds of Bespin,
interesting (and dangerous) creatures like Rancors, Banthas (ok, they´re a little boring), the Sarlacc,
Twi´leks, Hutts, Rodians, Zabraks,
good and evil charactes as Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Obi-Wan, Ben Kenobi, General Kenobi, Master Kenobi (you see, I LIKE HIM), Leia, Padme, Anakin, Count Dooku, the Emperor, Yoda and (of course)
Darth Vader, the FORCE... I love STAR WARS and I like STAR WARS games (to my mind the CLONE WARS is NO STAR WARS). But there is no way to play the story of the films (with good graphics), EPISODE 1
is more than 10 years old EPISODE 3 not aviable for PC and so on. There are some impressing mods for
JEDI KNIGHT JEDI ACADEMY like Movie Duels 2, but the game is seven years old as well.
So I decided to create my own mod with the Cry Engine 2. First I want to look what is possible, therefore I am actually creating my first maps: HOTH.
It will be released as demo, but I´ll need a lot of time until then. If it is good, I will continue the mod,
but therefore I will need your help.

I think it is quite easy to start a mod, but very hard to finish it ( just look at the amount of finished and unfinished mods at MODDB homepage). And to my mind it is almost impossible to finish a mod alone. I don´t want t o end as TIM (some of you will know him, he still promisses that KNIGHTS OF THE FORCE will be finished, he just makes a 15-month-break). In fact I am neither a good modeller nor a good scripter. This is why I am looking for a modding team, I NEED HELP, otherwise the mod will die in a few weeks. If you can model (you mustn´t be very experienced or fast if the model is ok) or do some scripting (in fact I have no idea hot to create a saber system yet), if you want to create a map or just want to create a trailer or a homepage for us just write an email or a private message to me!!!
The more people work on a mod, the better it will be...

I will regulary post the progress, I am waiting for some other mods as well and HATE, that most developers never post what they are doing at the moment.
As I said before I can only finish the mod if I get help, but if the mod dies I will tell you anyway.
As far as I am concerned it always depressing when a mod dies, especially for the ones who waited for it a long time but it is just unfair to make them beliefe the mod is still alive when it is dead.
But I hope the MOD won´t die.
It would be very kind of you if you could tell me your opinions, what you like and what you dislike so that I can improve it.

This was it for the beginning. I there will be soon new news and media ;-)...
May the force be with you

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