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Today is Tolkien Reading Day! Join us as we discuss Tolkien and poetry

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Happy Tolkien Reading Day!

Today is Tolkien Reading Day, the day where Tolkien fans around the world will sit down and read the works of the great professor, whether that be from The Silmarillion, one of his excellent essays, or from any of his phenomenal works. However you are planning on celebrating, we wish you a wonderful day. I know I'll be relaxing with a big mug of tea and The Book of Lost Tales: I.

I also thought I'd take this opportunity to discuss an often overlooked aspect of Tolkien's work, his poetry.

Tolkien was especially fond of poetry, with many of his works being composed primarily as poetry, such as the The Lay of the Children of Húrin, and many other poems, often snippets of much larger pieces, are scattered throughout his works. These poems are some of Tolkien's most beautiful writing (and that's saying something).

Humans have been composing poetry for as long as we have been able to speak. Every culture on earth has a rich history of epic poems, ballads, and songs that tell the tale of their myths and history, from the Mabinogion, to the Iliad, from the Mahabharata, to Beowulf. They are a people's heritage, a shared story that they have all contributed to in some way, and they are a valuable tool for making a world feel real, for making the people within it feel alive.

We think that poetry is an essential part of Tolkien's world, and to not include any would simply not feel like we were making a faithful adaptation. We want to include as much poetry as possible in our mod, especially poems that the professor wrote himself. Loremaster NPCs, such as Daeron of Doriath, will be found throughout the world, who will recite songs about the events of the First Age, and your companions may recite a few lines once in a while.

However, Tolkien only wrote so much poetry. Our talented writers will be composing our own poems to supplement those of Tolkien, taking great care to ensure that they are appropriate for the Legendarium.

Here is a brief snippet from a poem titled The Death of Denethor. We hope you enjoy!

And heeding Ulmo's call, they journeyed South,
until they came to wide Anduin's mouth.
There they sang to the music of the sea,
and danced upon the sandy shore with glee,
for it was here they thought to have found peace
and their wide wanderings might now cease.

A long while they dwelt in that peaceful land,
in wide, fragrant meadows along the strand.
Upon a hill was Lenwe's lordly hall,
leafen bows its roof, woven trees its walls,
and ever was it filled with song,
sweet voices and harps, golden-strung.
Throughout their land, Lenwe's folk did roam,
from white-capped peaks' feet, to the shore's white foam.
Dan's son, Lenwe's lordly name, Denethor
oft through woods and over plains followed spoor,
a hunter, unmatched in strength, running fleet.
His companions never matched his swift feet.



Happy Tolkien Reading Day! To the Professor!

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Llyngeir Author

Indeed. Raise a mug of ale in his honour! To the Professor!

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