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New Year Coming, so we let go of some archived screenshots to the public as make before and still no release.

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New 2020 Year Coming, so we let go of some archived and new screenshots to the public as to make before and still no release.

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We've glad to congratulate stalkers who still live and waiting for the release of Choice of Destiny with the upcoming 2020 Year and wish you all the best.

As mention before there were a lot of edits when even no sense of did some, sometimes weren't any new things and waste a lot of time which actually anyway did, like a couple of errors and recompile a couple of times with old compilers which have 10+ years history. But thanks to K.D. and Oxygen Devs (x64) which made at least working compilers with a bigger count of the static objects, so we could make not only pack a map and always recreate AI-map / Spawn which making huge too with a static location.

At last, a couple of months dev. stoped for some time but there no way to worry about a project he's not disappeared from 2k16.

intro hallway 9

intro hallway 1

intro hallway 2

intro hallway 3

intro hallway 4

intro hallway 5

intro hallway 7

intro hallway 8

intro hallway 10

intro hallway 11

See you around stalkers in 2k20-2k21* and STK2!

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