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Greetings fellas, we're the Upisoft! Young, ambitious publisher and game developer with big history! We making AAA class mods and games, join us and make greatness come! By this moment we are official publisher of Wolfenstein Stupidity. Sure we have a little delay with release, but we want make sure you'll play the best game you'll ever play. We are the biggest fans of the Wolfenstein series and be sure we making the best of this title.

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Thank you for participation in open Beta testing of our Pre-Early-Alpha release. We see you guys love this one and really love to have fun. We'll make more content for you in next year, but do not forget to track this mod, download and share to your friends. Make sure you have read the Read Me file and did everything what it needed to launch. Be carefull, do not pay for this mod to people who talking they're Upisoft managers or developers. This is a bullshit, if you want to donate our enterprise, just play it as long as it possible.

Here is our plans of releases to the future. Check this out, track this mod and happy new year bitches!
- Q&A Interview with Daniel Gindes, the reviewer of Cumspot... Gay Informer... damn! Never mind ѵ
- Pre-Release trailer ѵ
- Full release of the mod ѵ
- "Ubisoft AAA Class" update to 2.1 ѵ
- Stupidity: Advanced Warfare FREE DLC
- Note texts complete DLC for 5.99 €
- Complete Stupidity DLC for 9.99 €
- Wolfenstein: Stupidity The Game® for 89.99 €
- Steam GreenLight Release
- PlayStation Network Release

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