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Happy New Year everyone, here comes some info for all our beloved fans :)

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We here at Decades of Development would like to wish
everyone a Happy New Year, I would also like to wish DannyCon a warm welcome to
the team. He is a new 3D modeler who is at this moment assigned to build us the
British BL 8-inch howitzer, adding the mods first heavy arty piece.

We have also been building many other arty
piece's such as the my Stokes Mortar, Andrew's Crapouillot Mortar, and Eaglke's
French Mountain Gun to name a few. Our plan is to polish the build for a few
months still, reason being we want to release a alpha that you all can be very
impressed by and say "God this mod is going places" so though you all
can't wait to play it we ask that you remain patient for a while longer.

Now the mod is progressing well and honestly
its progressing better than I could have ever really imagined thanks to the
great team who honestly keep the mod alive, we are always looking for skilled
people and if you think you can help or know about Arma and can do stuff with it please contact me if you wish.

Other than that, I again I and the entire
team wish you all a Happy New Year.

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