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Loot fixes and appearance, New Light Skill, New Shortcuts

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Sunday 14 December 2018

Happy New Year Everyone! We are back after 2 weeks of resting, which was mandatory to charge our batteries and get ready for a very constructive year!

Let's make a summary of the last update which happened just before the New Years Eve.


Loot had some issues, players mentioned that some of it cannot be reached (lost to void) and others that they couldn't see it easily. I have rewritten the raycast script for drops and it seems that part fixed, also I have made the loot a bit bigger, and to rotate when dropping to be more visible and now all loot have some kind of sparkles for the same reason, waiting for the Game Testers of Patreon to report if everything works fine! Plus now loot disappears after time.

Light Skill implemented in the game, and you can use it at night with a cost of your power, so its good for roaming but not for fighting.

Q & E shortcuts. Now you can have skills on Q and E buttons of your keyboard for more convenience.

Goals of 2018:

Well, resting doesn't mean we can't plan and work on some parts of the game.

The big goal of 2018 is to have an Early Access of The Six Dragons released on Steam during Q3, that will include almost all mechanics of the game, after that, I can work on the Campaign mode which will include the Story of TSD which will excite you.

I'm already testing the beta of Unity 2018.1, and it will be a must for TSD to migrate to this version when it's out (maybe wait for 2018.2) because it implements some very good performance upgrades which will benefit the huge world of TSD, so this is kind of a big goal and planning to do so until March, even though this will slow the development for couple of weeks due to the refactoring needed, it will worth the hustle.

Other than that, small goals are, to grow our Patreon channel which will create a community big enough to support TSD, starting some marketing of the game using Instagram maybe, and another hard-to-reach goal that I will reveal after some research (has to do with Crypto).

Again Thank you for your support,

Find me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Patreon.

Have a nice Weekend!

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