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A brand new year, a brand new community and brand new signatures for the Z List.

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The Survivors Diary enters 2010 with loads of brand new goodies for everyone. But first we'd like to wish everyone a Happy New year, this year things are starting to develop and we hope to see many new things start to emerge.

fortresslogoThe following additions are starting to go live so expect things to be a bit hectic whilst everything comes online and is updated.

Firstly to those of you who enjoy playing Team Fortress 2, the community The Fortress that we've been battling on about for a few weeks has finally gone live. The Fortress was a community that me and soul used to run with AA killer until it got shut down because of lack of activity. With a large community already built, most of whom like TF2 we have brought it back in the hope of sharing our love of the fine game with everyone. Me and soul are not directly in charge of this brand new section, AA Killer is. If you have any content that you'd like to submit then contact him via the forums.

Secondly, Soul has created 15 brand new signatures for the Z List, so get onto there and check them out. Due to the sheer size of signatures that we have running i have added in support for sorting them by category so that you can choose between Survivors, Infected and other. She has also updated the rubbishy default signature to something that looks good as the one i made was very basic and was for testing purposes only. Head over to the Z List Options right now to update them.

You may have noticed that the top navigation has also been changed, we have added some fancy new effects to make the menu more useful and take up less of the website as possible.

So get your teeth stuck into those and nom their brains.

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