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All that's left to do is add the few finishing touches and fix a few glitches and then package and test and then have a Christmas release.

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Oook, just yesterday I completed the search function (after wrestling with glitches for four hours) and so all I had to do after that was fix a file open conflict crash and add in a few features. These features include having the program refresh the weapon profiles when you get done either editing them or creating new ones and adding in a button to delete profiles that you either don't want or don't need. Today (after another four hour session) I have completed the quick fix for the conflict errors (all I had to do there was close instances of a .dat file) and I have also completed the system that allows the program to know when you're done editing a profile or created a new one (using the Window Activated event). Thus, all I have to do tomorrow is allow you, the user, to delete unwanted profiles entirely. It sounds simple, and it is, but since the application uses a central database for cataloging the source files for weapons data that need to be deleted and because Visual Basic has no function for deleting text in the middle of an external file, I have to load the contents of the file into a variable, take out what I don't want, and then rewrite it to the same file. This is somewhat inefficient but unfortunately Visual Basic leaves me no choice. Anyway, that won't take too long as I know what I'm going to do and the packaging process won't take too long either. After packaging I'm going to install it on my machine and make sure everything is working properly and then release it to you guys on this site, my SkyDrive, and my website. And hey, maybe after I upload it I'll have enough time to squeeze in some Fallout 3 before my family's Christmas Eve rituals.

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