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they say that "no news is good news"... i think no news or proper information blows... unfortunetely thats what your getting from us this round, i hate not saying anything.

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so while there are projects being worked on, there is no progress that is of interest to the general public (meaning i have no idea how far those projects are at current), and people are busy, i am hoping to have something a bit more tangible for you to look at and drool over after the holidays.

you may be happy to know that we will be working on a Skyrim mod, but that will most like take a month or two... what i can tell you is it will be a realism mod, not unlike the ones for FO3 and FNV but without the guns lol
altho, im sure someone will add gun to the world of skyrim for the hell of it... hell we may even do something like that but it will depend on how fast we can learn the engine and how well the realism mod turns out.

i wish i had more and better news, but thats the important stuff for now. see you after the holidays.

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