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Enjoy several new minimods, fresh out of the oven this holiday season.

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Hello everyone,

I know I promised a new version of Enhanced 4X for Christmas. However, the deadline is going to be close, and I'm worried that moddb won't authorize the new version in time even if I finished it before Christmas. Thus I decided to play it safe and give you all an early present, and updated minimod pack with two sure to be quite popular additions!

First is the return of the Deathmatch mode minimod from Diplomacy. For those who want to get to maximum sized fleet battles as soon as possible, this is the perfect mod for you. Put it all on faster settings and watch your incomes, build speed and research speed increase immensely. Add the faster combat mod for even more action. I just wouldn't use it on large maps, the last thing you need with those is more ships shooting at each other.

Second is the often requested No Superweapons mode. While it disproportionately hurts the TEC Loyalists, some players don't like getting repeatedly shot by weapons from which there is no defense. If so, this mod is for you, you just have ships to worry about.

Third is the most exciting. From the Rebellion beta, one of the most controversial features of Rebellion has been that titans keep their levels on death. While this was needed to prevent multiplayer from turning into "The last one to lose their titan wins" games, for large single player games against the AI, this often creating a frustrating late game grind as high level titans would constantly be rebuilt. With the Resetting Titan Leveks minimod, you can avoid this as everyone's titans will be reset to level 1 on being built.

Check out this thread for full minimod details and installation instructions.

So in case I don't get a chance to say it earlier, happy holidays and merry Christmas everyone,



nice! merry Christmas and happy holidays to you!

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