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Warhammer 40,000 multi-player mod Exterminatus adds assault marines and venom cannon wielding carnifexes along with many other improvements in Beta 7.25

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Happy holidays heretics! I am pleased to present you with the gift of a shiny new Beta for the Xmas season.

New Features in 7.25

  • New Assault Marine player class, equipped with a combo of Boltpistol and Chainsword (AKA the 'Assault Combo'). Jumpack and Chainsword by Stahlhagel, particle effects by The Vman.
  • Added the assault combo as alternative wargear for the tactical marine, AKA the "Grenadier".
  • New Venom Cannon wargear available to the Carnifex class, making it a tough and deadly long range class. Modelled by Stahlhagel
  • New Psychic Healing wargear for the Zoanthrope class, replaces the Warp blast secondary attack with a healing area around the player.
  • New objective icons in the HUD contributed by Jake Coggins.

Download ( 367,397 KB )
Exterminatus Beta 7.25

Delete all old versions, re-install from fresh. Restart Steam. You should now see the Exterminatus Beta 7.25 in your steam games library.

We've also been making lots of other tweaks to improve the experience of playing EX


  • Genestealers, Lictors and Assault Marines make long leaps with Sprint + Jump.
  • Tweaked the melee code to play "missed" sounds where available.
  • Cleaned up the recent FGD changes a bit.
  • Updated the media and help pages for the player classes to bring them into line as they were looking a bit haphazard.
  • The Assault Combo and veteran combos do not auto reload any more. So you will not be disarmed when you run out of ammo at close range. You must manually reload when you empty your clip on these weapons.
  • Tweaked the servo skull model so it won't spam the server console.
  • Moved the objectives around on ex_thunderhawk.
  • Modified marine player model ragdolls (may have been causing some client crashes).
  • Fixed the warrior player model ragdoll's left thigh bug.
  • Modified the veteran combos to use Farseer's powersword and HL2 crowbar sounds.
  • Fixed some weapons showing the wrong icon when equipped.
  • Flattened the arc of biovore spore mines and added a "fuse", so they cannot be detonated straight out of the launcher.
  • Edited some of the class hint to better reflect the new wargear options.
  • Changed the loading screens to use the main menu artwork.
  • Wargear menu has new icons.
  • Updated tarsis_ultra by Nqss
Objective Hints Updated class menu

Listening to feedback from players the powers of many classes as been adjusted to find a new balance.


  • Buffed Stealer claws by reducing the time between attacks
  • Buffed Stealer claws by reducing the damage forces (knock back) to 25%.
  • Buffed Stealers by reducing the time between leaps from 7.5 seconds to 4 seconds.
  • Buffed Biovore by increasing their ammo reserve from 2 to 3 mines.
  • Buffed Biovore health from 200 to 225.
  • Buffed Warp Blast from 66 to 70 damage
  • Nerfed Warp Bolt from 40 to 35 damage.
  • Buffed Screamer Killer talons from 60 to 80 damage.
  • Buffed the Grenadier and AM to start with six grenades each.
  • Buffed Apothecaries by replacing their separate boltpistol and chainsword with the AM combo
  • Buffed Veterans by swapping their chainsword for powersword (boosts melee damage from 50 to 85).
  • Nerfed Veterans by removing their boltgun.
  • Buffed Stormbolter range and accuracy (back the the equivalent of a double bolter)
Action in Lycantium City New in Beta 7.25

Future Development
I shall be taking some time out from the hectic weekly Alpha schedule to work on more wargear options for the weapons specialist class for which I already have models available. If Stahl makes the model for it we might well see the long awaited ammo dispenser in the form of an imperial relicary. The last couple of weeks have also seen some very good suggestions for less headline enhancements that I hope to be able to build in for the next alpha.

Exterminatus Gaming
In addition to the regularly scheduled games from the Steam Community group, community member Getapo Velocorator is looking to start a tournament for EX gamers. If you or your clan would be interested in taking part please leave us a message in the group discussion area or the EX forum.



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Quite the holiday release!

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