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Its my Birthday. and im still busy with the map/mod

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Hey its my 20th birthday
and im working with the center points and its going well,
we now have allready over 1925 northern earth kingdom terrortory's
i am still counting and it will be over 2000 terrortory's
and then we still have the other nations

every unit cost maintance so you cant buy if you dont have the resources
diplomacy has allready added

some units will cost more turns to complete
tundra tanks {Fire Nation} 2 turns-> 1 the base 2 the tank
the Large-War-Baloon {Fire Nation} cost 3/4 Turns
small war baloon {Fire Nation} 2/3 turns

Submarine {Water Tribes} 3 turns
water tribe ships 2 turns
Fire Nation Ships 3 turns metal duh :)
earth kingdom 1 turn because they have only transport so

you will be able to sell units to other nations
hope you like the new updates


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