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Yes, Starfox SNES was released in Japan on February 21 1993 ! Also a couple of other things, mostly update related..

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Yes, Starfox SNES was released in Japan on February 21 1993 !
I thought it was worth mentioning that, since 98% of the web doesn't care ! Hell, even Nintendo couldn't care less about it..

Anyways, its been a while since I had posted an update here. I had lots of crap to deal with in the last and current year, and still more to come. So yeah, dealing with crap left me with little time, time that I could either have spent on the mod or writing updates for the moddb profile. No need to tell you which one I chose..

So yeah, I'm not sure I should apologize, since probably nobody would believe me even though I'm sorry about it, and also because this is bound to happen again and would probably make me even less believable ! So yeah, I'm really sorry, but I won't tell you.. ;)

I'll probably try to get someone else on the updates..

However, I'm growing increasingly concerned (maybe too much ?) with the idea of trying to avoid attracting too much attention. But on the other side, I'd like to be as transparent as possible with our stuff. And that's the problem..

Nintendo is usually pretty lax about their characters and etc, but we have no ideas what are their limits. How much do they tolerate ? I'm sure some of you might have tried to ask Nintendo's permission for working on a fan project of some sort, however their answer is pretty weird and confusing. It pretty much sums up to : "we can't give you permission, but that doesn't mean you can't do what you're asking permission for.. And you should seek your own legal advice..". What's annoying is that, while a lawyer will tell me that fanworks aren't legal, but tolerated, he can't possibly know what they'll tolerate or not :/

The only other hint we have is Satoru Iwata answering a shareholder's question on whether they'll harass fans making fanworks : But that's not telling much..

Do you guys have any ideas on how to get that kind of info, or just suggestion on how to deal with this ? Maybe there's a way to ask them about it, so they don't think its for legal advice or something.. While this has always been a known possible outcome, albeit an unlikely one, lets not risk shooting ourselves in the foot if we can avoid it ! Its not really an enormous problem right now, but preventing something bad is always better than having to deal with it..

And yeah, I can totally picture the kid asking for making a drawing of mario having to consult a lawyer.. What a crazy world we live in.. The day when they'll wipe our memory of things we heard / saw after seeing / hearing them, I'll take a walk to a place far away, and I'll never look or come back !

Anyways, that's it for now, and feel free to leave some comments on the newspost.


Happy 20th Anniversary :D (I love StarFox, I think I should play it again sometime :P)

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Well ****, you a grown men now son.

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