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Take a look at the new Hanoverian naval officers. In addition I added details on how I created them and the research about the uniforms.

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I created Hanoverian Naval Officers, have a look:

Hannover Naval Officers 1

From left to right:
1. Capitaine
2. Admiral
3. Lieutenant

In-game screenshots:

Admiral and Lieutenant:

20180521202226 1


20180521202342 1

But you will now say, Hanoverian Naval Officers? Did they ever had a Navy?

Well, not exactly. The Hanoverian Government had some ships, used for customs service (the so-called 'Elbzollfregatte'). Here is one of the ships from the mid 18th century with a captain (Capitaine):


From this picture I took the base uniform colours: blue and white with gold facings. For the other uniform details I used the late 18th century infantry officers and generals uniform:

Gen Inf Off

On the left is a pic of a Hanoverian General and on the right one of an Infantry Officer. As you can see all Hanoverian officers wore two epaulets. So every naval officer has two of them. What is not displayed is that the general had lace around the lapels and cuffs. (take a look at this picture from the Hanoverian cavalry general von Freytag):


So I gave the Admiral the uniform details from the Hanoverian generals as the rank would have been the same. The only exception second row of lace on the cuffs comes from the British Royal Naval uniform pattern, take a look at this link:

For the Lieutenant I used the pattern of the Hanoverian officers whereas for the Capitaine I added lace around the buttonholes (as in the mid 18th century uniform above) and a row of lace on the cuffs (the idea came from the Royal Navy uniform again).

Obviously other nations will get their naval officers too;)

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wisecontra10 - - 138 comments

very nice and good research:)

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QuintusHortensius Author
QuintusHortensius - - 966 comments

Thank you:)

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Guest - - 699,709 comments

Will there be an early period later on?

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QuintusHortensius Author
QuintusHortensius - - 966 comments

No sorry.

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extaticemboare - - 4 comments

hey I've been recently doing a campaign play through with Hannover and I've been having trouble recruiting infantry in the Americas i'm able to recruit artillery but nothing else the only way i'm able to get troops there is to send them over from europe and i don't think its allowing me to build the right buildings in america to do so either, will continue to play the mod as its sound and graphics overhauls are amazing its just a little bit annoying having to do that

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