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Hannibal ad portas Gold content, specifications, install instructions, list of factions and modifications included in this version.

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-Rome TW Alexander expansion (RTW 1.9)
-Historically acurate...partial
-Timeframe...............Second Punic war, straight the mod on the war in Italy campaign of Hannibal Barca.
-English translation....yes


-Republic of Carthago
-Samnite League
-Kingdom of Syracusae
-Colony of Massalia
-Megae Hellas/Italiotae
-Oscan Tribes
-Kingdom of Illyria
-Kingdom of Numidia
-Venetic Tribes
-Insubrian Tribes
-Cenomanic Tribes
-Ligurian Tribes
-Corsico-Sardinian Tribes


-Campaign map from Paeninsula Italica
-ProvincialCampaign maps about the different phases of the 2nd Punic War since Hannibal's invasion of Italy
-Complete new faction's rooster to every factions
-12 turns per year script
-New interfaces
-New loading screens, menu and visual elements
-Delete more than 30% of vanilla traits and ancillaires
-New traits and ancillaires (include new images for them)
-New buildings, economic and political system
-Rome Surrectum II enviroment pack added
-Battle formations by Darth Vader
-Signifer One animations pack added
-Res Gestae animations added
-Force diplomatic and ai's faction help money scripts
-New icons, symbols and battle standards
-New resources
-New arrow textures
And many more...

Gold version's Features:

-All the units are new (323 + officers, standard bearers, generals, historic characters, horses, elephants)and now have a more historical look.
-A complete new 2D art to menus, faction's interfaces, loading screen...
-The factions are different, some of them were delete (boii, allobroges) and some others are new (cenomanic, oscan, corsico-sardinian).
-Faction's symbols were changed.
-Trait's system was remake, now is more complex and extended.
-Ancillaires were changed to personal items, and are related with the trait's system.
-Campaing map's textures were changed.
-Provincial campaigns added, and this is the most important change. Now you can play the Italy's invasion step by now there are the first campaings (Alps' crossing, Ticinus and Trebia's battle) but there are more to come out (Cannae, Trasimenus' lake, Tarentum and Croton, Capua's take, Zama...).
-Imperial campaign (main campaign) is non playable by now, there is a placeholder until i finish to made all the changes to do it playable (is a lot of work).
-Building's tree have a more complex and extended system.


In this version you must choice between the 3 different provincial campaings (Across the Alps, The arrival, The ambush) to play, imperial campaign is a placeholder by now.



Open 'Hannibal ad portas RAR version.rar' with Winrar
Extract 'alexander" folder into 'Rome - Total War' and overwrite
Create a new shortcut of RTW-ALX.exe and add at the end of the target: -mod:alexander\HAP -show_err -nm -movie_cam
Click OK and play!

To play with Steam you have to extract 'HAP' folder from the archive into 'rome total war alexander'. Then Launch Steam, go on Alexander in you Librairy, right-click on it, then click on 'Set Launch Options' and type -mod:HAP -show_err -nm -movie_cam . Then play Alexander as usual.





And that's all!


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