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The Stamina System in HammerHelm has been updated to include sprinting, regeneration, and more combat uses.

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I've updated the Stamina System to increase it's usefulness in both combat and non-combat situations. This is basically the full system although I may add to it in the future.

HammerHelm Stamina System

  • Movement and Regeneration
    • Sprinting increases your character's run speed at the cost of stamina over time
    • Running at normal speed allows stamina to regenerate slowly over time
    • Staying still allows stamina to increase much faster
    • Eventually I'm going to add stamina regen potions and other items that can affect your character's stamina
  • Combat - Special Attacks
    • Performing special attacks (such as Dash and Smash) uses a lot of stamina
    • Using a normal attack does not use stamina, but does prevent it from regenerating while the character performs the attack
    • Different weapon types require different amounts of stamina depending on the special attack being performed
      • Hammers require less stamina when performing Smash, but more when performing Dash
      • Axes require more stamina when performing Smash, but less when performing Dash
      • Swords use the same amount of stamina for Dash and Smash
  • Combat - Blocking
    • Going into a block stance uses a small amount of stamina over time
    • A successful block will prevent damage, but use up a chunk of stamina
    • Remaining in block stance for too long can result in a monster breaking through the block
    • If you run out of stamina while attempting to block, you will leave the block stance and be vulnerable to attack

HammerHelm Stamina System in Action


Should be much more realistic with stamina now

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