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Hey everyone as we get closer to the release of version 1 of the mod I thought "Hey why not have a contest!" so that's what we are going to do. The contest will be who can make the best Halo and Fallout mash up video.

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Well now that we are having our first video contest I bet you would like to know the rules.

So here's the rules.
Rule 1: Videos must be your own! Don't look for a Fallout video and a Halout one and just put them together make it your own.
Rule 2: Any Justin bieber songs,shirts,hair, or anything about him will get you -1,000,000,000 points.
Rule 3: Videos must be about Halo and Fallout both (could be any of the games Halo/Fallout 1,2,3,bos don't care as long as it's halo or fallout) just having Halo or Fallout will cause you to lose points.
Rule 4: No living things are hurt in the video (don't freak out I only mean animals/people it's ok to step on the grass lol).
Rule 5: No offensive/rude language,behavior, or racist comments.
Rule 6: Video must be at least 30 seconds long not including the intro or credits.
Rule 7: The video must be uploaded to youtube! Links to the video are to be sent to me in a message on this account or my youtube account (can be found here
Rule 8: All entries must be sent in by 10/31/10 (by Halloween).
Rule 9: It can be any type of video (does not need to be a music video) as long as it has to do with Halo and Fallout.

The video CAN be in real life or in-game. Since we are approaching Halloween adding stuff like Halo zombies or Fallout ghouls in the video WILL get you EXTRA points.

Now let's talk about what you get if you win!

A subscription from my youtube account to theirs.
An official Halout 3 wallpaper for your desktop.
Their video linked on my youtube account.
Updates about the mod before anyone else (Be the first to know the official release date!).

Everything the top ten win (since you are part of the top ten lol).
A link to their video linked on my you account and here on moddb.
Version 1 of the mod!!! That's right be the first ones to play the mod weeks before anyone else!

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