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Halo War of the Covenant's Concept of how the game will play out, and what makes the game different from other Halo Games.

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So basically, I feel as Halo War of the Covenant, would sound more like an RTS or an RPG, of course to lure in more players, we will go with the RPG style, I feel as if the RPG style makes more sense cause here is why.
What will the Game introduce to the Halo world? Well for starters:
-When you first start out the game you appear on a UNSC Space Patrol Ship, you can freely walk around this gigantic ship taking orders and doing quest for people on board the ship, after you are given the quest options you can now go to the ships drop pod center will you will drop into a planet of your choice. You start out as a Marine, but can later rank up to an ODST and finally a Spartan. Enemies will be different ranks in different areas.
-The Ranking system will allow you to unlock new armor, weapons, vehicles, abilities, perks, and skills. *Note: You can only unlock Human weapons and vehicles.*
-Alien weapons can be found throughout the different planets, once you have picked up an alien weapon or found one, you will be able to equip the weapons on board your Space Patrol Ship.
-Every single Planet will have anywhere from 3-7 locations to visit, locations will vary in size. You are allowed to freely visit different planets locations when off duty aka not doing quest, to get in game currency and some ranking points. How ever doing quest will get you ranked up much quicker.
-The game will more than likely feature a nice destruction engine.
-I am hoping to add Top Down Ragdoll physics and other types of physics.
-The game will also feature other types of game modes such as; Firefight, Flood Zone, Skirmish, and Co-Op. *Note; Co-Op will sadly not be free roam, it will be level based like regular Halo, and feature a totally different story from Quest. How ever you can still play Co-Op modes story on Single Player by clicking Campaign.*
-The game will feature the regular Halo difficulty settings including one more difficulty type, which is technically somewhere in between Heroic and Legendary.

Q's and A's:
Q: What is the difference between Campaign and Quest?
A: Campaign is basically the original story of the game, while Quest is to give it that nice RPG style, also Quest is where you can the majority of your achievements and unlockables.


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