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Happy Thanksgiving! I also have some news for you guys!

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I am currently at my grandparent's house still surviving the tiresome Thanksgiving (Happy Thanksgiving BTW!) after eating 2x my stomach size. I have been doing stuff here and there and I hacked together a little scene. The scene contains only what is in your viewpoint to reduce the lag that was necessary on my Intel computer. Here is the the picture I have made with my scene.
Halo Revived Promo
I hope it is cool as I didn't have much time to edit it (AA was off).
I also have setup a work flow, as demonstrated below:
1. Ensure models have correct uvw mapping and are visually correct.
2. Ensure model textures are not stretched and are visually correct.
3. Have models ready and organized within the Unity editor.
4. Have all assets separated from game objects and scripts, materials, shaders esc.
1. Game objects are in their correctly assigned spots in the scene.
2. Object diffuse textures are added and simple player scripts are enabled to test for faults.
3. Materials (textures) are assigned their new shaders accordingly.
4. Game is tested with dummy for irregularities.
5. Game is lighted and baked into textures.
6. Game is tested furthermore.
^Above rules don't apply to certain things but you get the picture.
Okay, so now that all of that is over with...I will inform you of my plans.
I need to draw some map layouts to get an idea of what I am expecting to make beforehand.
So, with this in mind, I would be happy to request some map design and layouts of your own. You can send me anything that could possibly be in a Halo game that is relevant to Halo series. Send the picture to me (BeestKrome) via Personal Message, or send to by email (< and yes there is a Thank you for reading and leave your opinion in the comments or any contacts above.
-Jeff Leahy

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