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Details about the situation at Halo Covenant Edition headquarters have been leaked! I should have never trusted those grunts! I'm working cross-platform already, and now that MCC modding tools have been officially released, I will begin releasing for MCC on Steam.

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I've got some time off, and a drive to finish what I started a year ago. I've got new Protogen models for Halo, I rigged myself but I commissioned the models from a friend FruestratedZeus. I will be expanding on my Protogen platform as much as possible, in parallel with converting my Jackal's Journey/Grunt Campaign to work with Steam's Master Chief Collection [MCC], now that Steam released modding tools for Halo 1. I may have to remake each map, but a10 is done already, and c10 is still under construction for Custom Edition anyway. It's been postponed for Protogen mods and fighting Glitch-Hop. What I upload here is the latest stuff that I've made for myself, but as of now it's getting advanced.

My goal for Covenant Edition Firefight is to have a full 13 maps at least, hunter/jackal/grunt playable characters each. The problem is now dropships, and returning to respawning waves for interior maps. I can devise an objective for each, but most of that research will be spent for now on Protogen RAM Wars, which is a Firefight map pack of its own. Hopefully soon I can improve on the rigging, and rig to other bipeds next.

All my maps are objectively for original Xbox, because that's what I play. I will release as much as I can for MCC now that modding support has been officially released, but the tags don't directly port, and need reworking at least. Each map is released one at a time until I have enough to put together in a full map pack, with a custom UI and menu for Xbox. This goes for Firefight and RAM Wars. RAM Wars is meant to have more of a story though, because the characters supposedly have UFO connections now ...

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