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Halo Covenant Edition is more than just a mod to me, it's an experience to flip Halo completely upside-down. And what better way than to do so by playing as the enemy.

Halo Covenant Edition puts you into the shoes of a grunt. You get to see Halo from behind the scenes as you explore and fight infinite waves of Marines. See Halo like never before as you explore Covenant controlled territory, and explore a story never told before of one grunt who, through fate, meets an unexpected friend who teaches him the truth behind Halo and helps him turn on the Covenant and stop Halo from activating.

Along the way, you must fight familiar and new enemies, such as marines and the Master Chief. The first 5 maps feature epic battles with boss characters equipped with a shield. Each of the first 6 maps have unique battles in place with respawning marines and covenant which battle with each other. The main objective: survival. You must fight with your alien allies to eliminate as much of the humans as possible. The maps are open ended and allow for completely open gameplay. Perhaps exploring somewhere will lead you to a secret?

The first 5 maps have their own short cutscenes and intros to them to get you into the feel of playing as a grunt before you get to play. Once you spawn, you can choose where to go from there. You can choose to explore or you can choose to fight. You can press your flashlight button to taunt your enemies while you battle.

Most maps already have some Halo 2 weapons and actor variants now, and all maps have the grunt first person arms and hands, which I ripped from from One thing I also try to accomplish with this mod is the featuring of cut or unused content - even the ghosts you see on Silent Cartographer are cut content from the original game. The Pelican explosion animation is also unused content that I incorporate into my mod.

One thing you'll notice now is that the mod is now compiled with MosesofEgypt's Refined Campaign tags, so you will notice graphical improvements especially on Silent Cartographer [b30] and Assault on the Control Room [b40].

This mod is, of course, still an active project, and will still be updated to include new content as I come across them. Feel free to comment or message me anytime about this mod, a lot of this mod includes ideas that were collected from feedback anyway. And finally, thanks for all the support from everyone who showed interest in this project.

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