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Master Chief and Cortana are back and better than ever in Halo 4!

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Halo 4 released November 6.
After the Chief crashlands on the strange forunner world he finds an ancient enemy.The Campaign can be very lonely up until the UNSC Infinity crashes.Multiplayer as just as good and and not as lonely.The new game modes War Games And Sparton Ops have very new interesting features.Sadly,Firefight will not be in Halo 4.You can get free codes for double XP in War Games to help you rank up faster by purchasing Specially marked bags of Doritos and Mounain Dew.The Spartan customization has changed a lot.Where in certain game modes you can't spawn with snipers or shotguns until you reach a certain rank(In Halo:Reach you could spawn with any weapon at any rank on certain game modes in H4 you cannot)
This is only for people who don't know much about Halo 4 or for people who don't have the game.

P.S:Bungie did not make this(-_-),so if you don't like the game blame 343?

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