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Happy Halloween everyone :) The work with RymdResa continues.

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This week we've worked on the mac version of the game. We still have some performance problems left to deal with when it comes to retina displays and some minor window issues.

We also work on some of the details in our design-tool to control how rare or at what condition an entity in space can be, this works together with our new zone algorithm to spawn areas in space. One of the key reason why we want to have this done before the release is so we can simplify the process of adding new interesting content to the game even after the release. Space is big and there is a lot of opportunities to create and design more content.
Empowered and inspired!

Some zones will be more dangerous than others, but will contain better items. With a better zone-system we want to give the player more strategy-choices and a more interesting space, containing many secrets.

We've as well worked on the three chapter's' different profiles, and how the gameplay is different in these chapters, and made a concept for a new trailer regarding this.

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