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With Halloween just around the corner we decided we’d try our hand at a little seasonal update. Here's a look at what it is and why we've done it.

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(Crossposted from the Sharkbomb Studios blog)

With Halloween just around the corner we decided we’d try our hand at a little seasonal update. And what better thing to do than to dress up our scary Hipster Zombies in equally scary pumpkin heads. So starting today and continuing for the next few weeks, you can try your hand at squishing some pretentious squash.

Hipster Zombies Halloween EditionHipster Zombies Halloween Edition

We built the update mainly because we’re curious. It’s a sort of experiment for us.The number of Hipster Zombies installs has been slowly shrinking for a while now. People are obviously losing interest in the game. We think it’s because there haven’t been any large updates lately. It’s not that we don’t have ideas for those, it’s just that we don’t really have the time: First we were busy building Touch of Death and now we’re already in the early stages of our next project.

Google Play installs, last 3 monthsHipster Zombies, Google Play installs, last 3 months

What we managed to do though was this Halloween update. Mostly because it is purely cosmetic and that was comparatively little work. Maybe the new graphics bring some old players back. Or maybe the Halloween spirit brings in some new interest players. We know from personal experience that seasonal updates can really energize a player base. They work well for online games that keep players engaged over a long time. There the novelty combined with time-limited gameplay elements creates engaging events.Now the question is: Is our audience interested in this kind of update, even if it’s only cosmetic? The big guys are certainly doing it. It certainly seems worth a shot…

Tiny Tower and Angry Birds XMAS EditionsTiny Tower and Angry Birds Christmas editions

We’ll let you know how this turns out.

- Martin

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