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2 New Levels have been released for Hallowed Mod: Abandoned Village and Witch Valley with fast-paced and challenging gameplay, new original music and more.

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Hallowed Mod: 2 New Levels, Original Music, More Doom

New release showcases 2 new environments, updates and punishing gameplay:

An Abandoned Village

A desolate village where a lone soul needs protection. This level was originally designed for multiplayer modern combat shooter mod 5.56 Full Metal Jacket. It has been lovingly transformed into an experience for the single player and has some surprises for even the most seasoned player.

Witch Valley

A hellish landscape where you ride a rock platform through nightmare demon onslaughts. This experience too, has a storied past and due to technical limitations, may never have made it to release. But Hallowed Mod has raised it from the dark recesses and from its corpse fashioned an experience specially designed for Doom.

Watch the Trailer:

In response to player feedback, updates to the Gatehouse, including: New terrain, better lighting, Improved layout and more Ammo. Get the most recent news and downloads at

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