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"I'm really sorry for not posting anything for two years" Edition.

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Now, before we get to the core of things. I offer sincere apologies to everyone that followed this mod for the past three years. These past years have been hard on me, and i couldn't keep up with both work, school, and my personal life. It was stresful, but i managed through it.

I feel into a deep depression following my percieved lack of success with the mod. I wasn't myself, really. Though i've abandoned Halfquake Rebirth, i've done other things during that time, but i felt empty. I needed to return to my flagship mod. And so, i have returned, carrying both bad, and good news.

Bad News

Straight to the point, i haven't done a lot of work for the past year. I'm really sorry for it.

This mod is my most important piece of work, without it, i wouldn't be here..

Good News

I'm going to ensure the mod is finished, in one way or another.
To pull this off, i will need your support, more on that later.


We will begin by looking at the maps.






That's the maps, in a new presentation style.

Now, you're probably wondering what i've been doing before now.

The anwser is...

Tactical Thot Exterminators

A wacky mod, by Team Telvy

I joined up as a level designer, and enviromental artist!



Ending Notes and Links

Thank you so much for reading this article, which is very important to me, and i hope, you too!

I greatly appreciate your support, whether you just found out this project exists, or were following it for an entire year! Thank you.

I highly suggest you join my Discord server!

Here are some links which may of interest for you:

And this concludes our pseudo-monthly sadism exercise!
Have a nice day, and remember to fall into the nearest trap when possible!

Unofficial Copyright 2021 ASTATINE ENTERTAINMENT


Looks great, i like the new art direction! Keep up the good work, Jancias!

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“ I feel into a deep depression following my percieved lack of success with the mod.”

Man, I feel you, sadly, sourcemodding isn’t getting as much attention nowadays as it used to. I perfectly know this feeling when you work on something for months or even years and you definitely expect just a bit of feedback afterwards, but end up barely noticed. I used to say stuff like “you’ve been doing it for yourself first” or “you just don’t notice your success” and all that is still kinda true.
A wise man once told me that you must believe, that there is a person you made happy with your project, think about someone actually understanding and appreciating your project, but you just don’t know about it.
Faith is essential
That was my 2 cents. Good luck with further development and keep on modding💪

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Very well said 👋

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Nice screenshots. It's always great to see people still working with Source. For a while, it felt like everybody had moved onto other things. Keep up the good work.

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Aah, Back when Halfquake wasn't a pretentious nihilistic arthouse mess, but rather a difficult, yet fun trap mod where you have to die.

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I think there was a pretentious nihilistic arthouse mess in the first Halfquake too:

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Hey it looks amazing take all the time you need to get it done.

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Welcome back!

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I'm really looking forward to this one! I really dig the visual style, dude!
If you need some music/ambience for this, write me on discord! (I really would like to do the behind the scenes ambient music[?] [in the original release its "At the Heart of it All" by Aphex Twin / Nine Inch Nails]).
Please keep up the good work and please please please don't let it fizzle out! It has so much potential!

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