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Half-Screwed Remix is released. The for-real-this-time final version. This time it includes Good, Bad and the Ugly.

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It's been a while hasn't it?
Introducing Half-Screwed Remix, the for-real-this-time final version. Included is the full package, no patches nothing. And of course the update of the source code is already on SVN and for download. Now this update has good and bad and ugly. But before I get into it, This means that Open Beta has been cancelled mainly because I took up a job that now occupies a lot of my time, so I cannot put work into it for too long at times. However, let's get to the relevant data:


  • There are no more bots. I deleted them from the code. See "WhereAreTheBots.txt" for more info
  • Open Beta is of course, cancelled.


  • Added a Lethal Secondary Attack to Boombox
  • Added Respawnable func_breakables (It's in the func_breakable options)
  • Fixed Health not showing up when you start a game
  • Added a glow effect around sinistar so you can actually see him
  • Added Mario Star
  • Made MW2 Gun more wild for..
  • Added Cawadooty Mode
  • Added Soda Can
  • Added Taunts, look for them in Keyboard controls
  • Readded Psudeo Co-Op mode, Activate it via mp_gameplay 5, certain things won't work keep in mind

Still not convinced? Check out this fan-made trailer by :

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