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HLW Finally gets a demo release, and also new progress update showing some new stuff, but the main feature here is a playable demo!

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Welcome to another new Progress Update for Half-Life: WAR! Let's start this off with something VERY big, and that being...

#1 - Playable Demo Release!

That's right, a fully playable DEMO release of Half-Life: WAR! You can experience the first mission (3 levels) of the mod and well, after playing it hopefully you'll be salivating for more WAR content!

So, go on and play it! I hope you'll like it!

#2 - Characters

While the mod's downloading, you can take a look at the progress i've made since the last Progress Update!

Let me present a new character that's appearing in Half-Life: WAR.


Meet Agent Six, a fellow T.S.O. Operative, he will be assisting you at some points of the HL:WAR campaign. In the missions, you're under his command, so you better listen to him!

Also, the Terrorists have also gotten a slight makeover:


The gasmask grunt head has been replaced with a certain familiar face from another Valve game, of course modified to fit HL:WAR. Also added a nice little headset for these guys to communicate.


#3 - Other stuff

There wasn't really that much progress done since the last progress update, it was mostly just polising the first mission, and working on other projects. However, i've still done some stuff, like worldmodels for the Beretta and Deagle. Also, my friend Dr. Orange became the composer for the mod, and made the main theme for the mod and a few other tracks. You'll be able to hear those in the demo.

I've also started working on some plans for the next missions for HLW. Of course i won't spoil the plans yet, but lately i've gotten some cool ideas for new missions.

Anyway, here's 2 screens of the finished M1L3 with terrain done by HLW's Terrain Artist™, Admer456!

20210717145439 1

20210717145501 1

#4 - Conclusion

Sorry for this update being this short, but i seriously don't have much to show aside from the demo lol, but hey, it's been 3 years since i started working on this mod, and now finally i have a playable build for the public, and i hope you'll like it. Don't forget to share what you think in the HLW Discord server!

Discord icon

So yeah, that's it, don't forget to check out the mod or read up on the other Progress Updates over at the mod's ModDB page:


Stoked to play it once I get the time, looks rad!

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