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Hello again, it is me, Nikolay Aulov. Today i would like present to you a second demo release of my mod.

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Download link.

Half-Life: Opposing Force: Source - Demo #2

In this demo release you will see the first chapter, called "Welcome to Black Mesa". The first level is ported good, i mean brushes and textures are fixed, but there are no sequencies right now. It will be fixed later. So, enjoy. If you have a good skills in maps portation from GoldSRC to the Source Engine, let me know.

How To Install.

1.)Download and install Steam. Here is the link of Steam:

2.)Launch Steam.

3.)Buy( if you haven't purchase it ) and install Half-Life 2 in your Steam Games Library.

4.)Then install Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer from your Steam Tools Library.

5.)Once it finished installing, right click on this tool, select "Properties".

6.)You will see the field, called "BETAS".

7.)In "Select the beta you would like to opt into" select to "upcoming".

8.)It will update the Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer.

9.)Quit Steam.

10.)Download "of.rar" in provided above link.

11.)Once it finished downloading, open this "of.rar" with WinRAR program.

12.)You will see the "of" folder in this "of.rar".

13.)Extract the "of" folder to your "sourcemods" directory, for example:


14.)Once it finished extracting, launch Steam.

15.)Go to Steam Games Library and you will see "Half-Life: Opposing Force: Source".

16.)Double left-click on it.


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