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Mission Report May, 5th 2020 . . . . sorry wrong fandom I'm going to be quick here on my summary of what is currently happenning with this MOD.

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I myself am creating a map in Hammer VR but I do not have a VR headset. So I'm going to need playtesters and perhaps some help in getting the lighting dynamics on par with the quality standard the Half-Life: Alyx has set for us.

Will, there be combat ? ? ?
I'm thinking of a few game ideas that do include some sort of combat gameplay but for just now I will be focusing on making an enjoyable experience of playing Basketball in VR.

Will, I need help besides Playtesters ? ? ?

Yes most definitley yes, I will be advertising for concept artists, Modellers and coders. I have a very strong idea of what I want this MOD to be but I alone don't have all the skills to make it so.
Instead of handing out a half-arsed effort I will be posting job vacancies for this MOD. Unpaid unfortunately. I would prefer to do otherwise, but hopefully the interest in this MOD alone will be sufficient to bring some good talented people. This is for a fun experience, so I'm not going to ask people to crunch, but will be hoping a high standard is delivered by those that apply.

If you're interested in applying or contacting me before I have uploaded the vacancies you can do so here or at my Twitter account, or on Discord though I often forget to check DM's on Discord

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