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Beta 2.0.8 features the new map base4 and a host of balancing changes and bugfixes.

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It's that time again! Beta 2.0.8 of Half-Life 2: Wars is now available for download. This update adds a new map, hlw_base4, which is a large 4 player map in the Alien Swarm style. It also introduces a lot of bug fixes, some graphical tweaks, and more balancing changes. See the full changelog at the bottom of this post.

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Click the button below to update Half-Life 2: Wars via Desura. Alternatively, you can download the full HL2: Wars Beta 2.0.8 beta files from Moddb in 7z archive format (extract to your Steam/SteamApps/SourceMods directory). Note: Many people are having trouble with downloading through Moddb (no mirrors) and Desura (patching works but clean install seems broken).

If you are having trouble downloading from Desura or Moddb use our mirror instead: click here to download 2.0.8.


As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback, bug reports, suggestions, and comments!

* Rebel/Combine soldier AR2/SG upgrade now requires the Munition Depot/Armory. Removed unlock upgrade abilities.
* Reduced costs Rebel Medic from 4 req & 2 scrap to 2 req & 1 scrap
* Reduced research time of Rebel Medic upgrades from 150 to 80 seconds
* Reduced provided population of Headquarter buildings from 20 to 10
* First Combine population upgrade now increases the pop by 10, second by 25 and third by 40 (costs resp. 10, 15 and 25)
* Reduced DPS hunter from 18 to 12, and burst size from 10 to 8

* Capture progress of control points is no longer directly lost
* Combine Armory and Rebel barracks now have progress animations/particle effects while producing something

* NEW: hlw_base4
* Updated: hlw_meltdown

* Updated move order particle effect
* Units can now be removed from the selection by right clicking the unit in the units panel
* Combine Hud: added combine themed control group button texture
* Info/tooltip box now shows the population an upgrade (Combine) or building (headquarters, billet) provides
* Units can now be removed from the selection by right clicking the unit button in the hud

* Updated Combine Armory (visuals + construction, destruction and working animations)
* Updated Rebels Barrack (visuals + construction, destruction and working animations)
* Combine Shotgunner now uses the alternative EP2 skin

CPU Player:
* Combine CPU builds less power generators now

* Hunters incorrectly dealing too high damage
* Player can no longer select scrap carried by Rebel Engineers
* Incorrect Manhack model angles
* HUD abilities panel not being updated directly when clicking an unit in the units panel
* Dissolving units being able to still shoot and fight
* Kills not being displayed in hud of single selected units

* Improved hiding/cover spot detection speed when there are many navigation areas

CPU Player:
* Combine CPU Player now builds less power generators

* Added nav mesh edit commands "nav_coverspot_create" and "nav_coverspot_delete", to manually create and delete cover/hide spots
* Fixed several problems with mounting other games
* Added binding option for "kill_units" in the keyboard options (kills selected units)
* Added option "units_spread", which makes the selected units spread. Can be bound in the keyboard options
* Added material for infected unit with better phong settings
* Updated CEF Library


WOAH this looks awesome!

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this mod makes desura crash when i try to install it

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