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Half-Life 2 Overcharge multiplayer is a port of the mod half-life 2 overcharge

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Half-Life 2 OverCharges features

Scrapped enemies

Weapon sway

Has over 50 weapons

Antlions are capable of stabbing NPCs and throwing them

Bullet time

Weapon whipping

Lost Coast map

Post-proccesing shaders (such as Bokeh Dof, Color Correction Filters, FXAA or SSAO)

Improved blood effects

Dynamic bullets

Fully customizable weapons, and the ability to create weapons

First-person death camera

Dynamic muzzle flash light

Tactical leaning ability


Door kicking (changeable in options, off by default)

Better ragdoll collision

Friendly fire

Mapadd presets & scenes

Sun rays

SMOD-like free aiming

Dynamic shadows

Ability to overcharge the Gravity Gun (consumes suit power)Better flashlight projected texture

Dynamic grass

RTT shadows

Camera filters

Dynamic light for burning ragdolls


Fixed standard shadows Dynamic global illumination

  • Depth of field
  • Realistic blood dripping
  • 3D body renderingViewmodel can be stained Improved AI New scenes Ragdolls may hold and still fire a weapon when killed Binded ability to quick-throw grenades Server-side blood and collision effects Inspectable weapons View model weapon bumping (when close to a solid object
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