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Here is the first development report for Half-Counter to tell what was done.

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Hey ModDB !

Since the last posted screenshots of the first map, progress has been made, not big, but progress has been made.
You may notice that the Multiplayer version was a feature to be confirmed, now it's confirmed.
The Singleplayer version of the mod will be paused, why ? Because developing a MP version is faster than a SP version, of course this doesn't mean that the MP will be crap and SP awesome, the Half-Counter Dev Team try to make both versions awesome.

Progress on the Singleplayer version :
- All the bugs that have been reported are fixed on the first map
- The first map is completed approximatly at 25%

Progress on the Multiplayer version :
- First Deathmatch map made (still need to fix the bugs and tweaks for gameplay, screenshots will come in a near future)
- Half-Life's crowbar replaced by a knife*
- Half-Life's Glock replaced by Half-Counter's one*
- Half-Life's Python replaced by Half-Counter's Desert Eagle*

* = We still need to change models, sounds...

That's all for the moment, we still need people to help making weapon's models, sounds, and an artist who can make some crosshairs, a new HUD and some textures for the maps. Interested ? PM on ModDB then.

I'm still open for any suggestion, remark for both MP and SP versions of Half-Counter.

See ya


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