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I've noticed that MyWorld has had an large increase in trackers/visitors in the last week or so, so i've decided to give everybody a catch up lesson, aswell as the project's current state.


Ghul Concept Art is still being worked on, but i've uploaded a second draft.
I've begun working up the Language Development.
The money for the Leadwerks Engine has been clarified by my bank to my Paypal account - I should have it in week, two at most, if all goes well.

Current Progress

Lately i've been unable to access my website completely, which includes the wiki. I use the wiki a suprising amount - it's a quick reference for everything on MyWorld, for me. I'm also waiting on the concept art of the Ghul. Both of these are causing a hold on the clothing/weapons/armour/architecture development, because once I have the concept, I can draw a layer over to see how armour/weapons suit the creature.
In any case, rather than starting on another race - in which case will lead me to be doing two species at the same time, which I suspect would cause confusion and inescapable error, therefore I've begun development on the Language Development Module, which is mostly planning for now.

For example, I'm currently writing up all the words from the Oxford Dictionary (Yes, English - Americans make no sense! ;D). Then i'll copy and paste this six times, for each race, and copy it into Excel sheets. Then when I develop words, I can look up the english word and write a translation next to it.

And before you get all dissapointed, no, languages won't just be word-exchanges. (1 2 3 = 1 2 3, example) It will be a developped language according to how the race speaks (1 2 3 = 3 1 2, example).
For example, the english say their adjectives beforehand, whereas (I think...) french say the adjectives after. Sometimes. I'm not sure, but, you get the idea.


Alright! Here's a run-down for all you newbies to the MyWorld development, you can also read the previous news pieces for more in-depth explanations.

In The Beginning...

MyWorld was your average 2D MMORPG made with a free mmorpg maker, it was actually up and running after a few months, with map-additions and features still being written in, open as a Beta.
People were building villages, buying houses, fighting monsters, gathering berries for recipies, and so on.
At some point, MyWorld decided to be made more powerful, and was closed to be remade with a different 2D Engine, which was never really used due to douchebaggery by an unnamed fool.
Then it was restarted, to be made on a larger scale in 2D gameplay. Then I was told by our friendly cyberhood programmer that she could code 3D as easily as 2D.
This opened a huge can of geekgasms and alot of thought, but eventually we came around to the plan of making MyWorld 3D.

In all, MyWorld started development (2D) on January 5th 2009, whilst 3D development started around a year later in late December 2009 (aprox).

Since then...

When I realised I was going to be remaking the whole view on MyWorld, I wanted more than 3D pointy-eared elves and beer-guzzling dwarves, expansive humans and evil goblins'n'orcs.
I wanted MyWorld to be an awe-inspiring world, a place never before seen and completely avoid every stereotype of the Fantasy Realm and MMORPGs. If people want to play an mmorpg where the plan is to get the best weapons, grind a bunch of hunting-grounds for the best drops + xp, and so forth, there's plenty of (Unnamed) games out there for that.

What i've not seen in an MMORPG is the ability to micro-manage a village. The ability to assassinate a player with a well-placed poison-tipped dart from a treetop as the player passes by along the road.
What I have seen, impressively, is the ability to fly dragons and sail ships - but I havn't seen much development in the precursor events to these amazing feats.

And this is what MyWorld is, in my vision.


I began by some deep-ass planning. I started with a To-Do List in a word file with a handful of things that needed doing. Animals, playable species, weapons, armour... that's about it. Which then, during development and further inspection led me down a road of evolution as opposed to a god that made everything (No arguements now, y'hear? This is how *Cerria* was developped and has nothing in relation with how the real world was created!)
If my memory is correct, I wanted to make an individual architecture style, which led me to the question of what the playable species are like. What makes them different from the usual cast of elves and dwarves? How can I avoid my judgement being affected by everything that is around me, already? Human creativity is always influenced by something already tangible or intangible.

This led to the idea that they evolve from the fauna that I hand-craft, this led to flora, these two leading to biomes, biomes leading to massively in-depth development of the gameworld, Cerria.

In actual fact, Cerria is currently an excerpt of the world, but having these borders on the land open up the future for Expansion packs (Not EA-style, no taking away from the original and reselling later - good old fashioned style, for MyWorld).

Cerria was crafted; rainfall, ocean currents, air flow, temperatures, tectonic plates, land-water, desert, ice, and so on.
Fauna was crafted; Name, Colour, size, arms/legs/tentacles, intelligence, Three adjectives.
Flora was crafted; Name, Bulb/Stem/Flower colour, size, Taste, Smell, Days to grow, Offspring/year, Effects eat "Raw, Cooked and Potioned".

From the Intelligence tag on the fauna, there was about 1-300 chance of becoming "Tribal", which pointed out the playable species - six arose.

Pollination was developed; Where are the borders of the ecosystems, Who lives where, what eats what and how do the creatures adapt to their location?

The above finally led to the current module, Ghul Development, the first species. It's been a long two months! My god, I can't beleive it's only been two months - feels more like a year... which technically it has, but the 3D Development began in earnest during late december till present day.

Ghul Development has been alot quicker than I expected, as probably will the others - it's only taken me a week and half to get thus far.

And, the near future?

For now, I'll continue developing the playable species, which will take a month or two, then I move onto what will be the largest and most difficult module, for me. Language Development. It's amazing how much work has to go into it - The seven-foot tall blue peoples of Pandora in Avatar, the Na'vi, for example, their language took 3 years to craft.
Hopefully it won't take me 18 years to create my six languages - this would displease me greatly.

Not only I will be working on this project - so will our Concept Artist, Wraith, who's work is often uploaded when made. He pretty much brings alive the thoughts to images.

And of course, we need 2D images brought to 3D animations... which slot is still empty, in which case it may be myself doing this job till an actual modeller steps forward, or we get enough of a donations rotation going so we can afford to hire somebody... which will likely be a hefty payment, for 2000+ models. Lol.

And last, but definetly not least, the actual frame of the game is programmed, everything that brings the dream to cyber-reality. Our previously mentioned friendly cyberhood programmer, Asakura. She's the amazingly talented talent that will be making extensive changes to the Leadwerks Engine as to make it mmorpg-capable, and not to mention the future features of crafting items, painting, playing instruments, slaying beasts, building ships, houses and so on.

So, i'd appreciate it if the MyWorld community would give as much gratitude and slap-on-the-back words of encouragement to these two people who are doing this solely for the love, whilst I am doing it because, well, its my dream.

And the far future?

Well, that's a good question. What happens once MyWorld is past Beta? What happens when players flood into the game and pick up hammer'n'nails, swords and shields, bow'n'arrows, mount'n'supplies, walking sticks?

I'll leave that to you and your imagination.

Now it's your world too.

CerriaWiki Page of the Day!



I'd just like to say thank you to everybody who has shown support to MyWorld. Not just since the 3D version, but also the 2D version, way back in the beginning. Eclipse Community, ModDB Community, xSpore Community, Bay12 Community, and those random folks who endure my rantings of how I imagine MyWorld - Thanks.

Also! Don't forget to sign up on the MyWorld Forums. When Alpha/Beta opens up, I'll be stress-testing the game to see how many people it can manage, a handful at a time. The oldest members on the forums will be invited to Beta, as a Reward for their support - obviously donators come first, but afterwards, the oldest members.

MyWorld Forums

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