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I’ve posted in the past about the development of what i was calling a “Test Bed”. The intent was to release an early but solid version of a simulated network where we could test specific tools and mechanics as development of the game progresses. I am posting today to address a slight change in this plan. Don’t worry, it’s actually good news!

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As I have worked on the hacking simulator over the last few months, it became apparent that what I have already built is actually well passed what I would call a test bed, and has grown into more of a technical demo for the full hacking simulator. As it stands, there are currently more features than I had originally stated would exist. Overall functionality and visual effects have been polished up a bit. There will be at least one full contract mission to play through. Persistent game data is now being saved and the network is populated with many hundreds of procedurally generated and persistent computer systems to discover and explore. (Though there wont be anything of much use found on them currently). There is also an Easter egg or two!

So, as of today the Terminal Contract test bed that i was promising, will now be released as a technical demo, a playable demonstration of the hacking simulator and game of cyber espionage, Terminal Contract!

Without a doubt, at this point you are all wondering one thing…


I know I have fallen behind a bit and i’m already well over the deadline I had given myself. But, I assure you, I am working on the hacking simulator as much as I possibly can, and it is VERY CLOSE…

Here is a list of things that need to be addressed prior to release: (this list may or may not include everything)

Contract dossier content:

  • Dossier Assets need to be populated into UI and in presentation
  • Dossier Targets must be populated into UI lists and in presentation
  • Dossier presentation trigger needs to be restructured to occur at a more appropriate time and with more control by player
  • Contract completion still requires a final method to assess completion and reward the player
  • Contract descriptions and emails are poorly formatted and need to be polished

Player Data:

  • A bare minimum of player stats still need to be created and implemented such as xp and monetary accounting


  • Cinematic events to be triggered for activities such as connecting to a remote machines, using specific tools, or performing certain actions

Once the items on this list have been addressed, and barring any as yet unseen issues, I will make one last assessment and a final decision on when you can expect to try out Terminal Contract THE hacking simulator being developed byDuctTapeEinstein

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