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Say hello to the Gyro Mortar! Robocraft's latest New Weapon!

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After a great deal of teasing, the fabled Gyro Mortar is now live! Long has this weapon of mass destruction been talked about in issues of Robonews, as well as on the Robostream, and now you can finally get your hands on it!

Along with the Gyro Mortar weapon, also brings with it a wealth of new features including new control functionality, bug fixes and refinements.


  • Gyro Mortar Weapon:
    • Rarity: Legendary
    • CPU: 290
    • Fire rate: 1 per second
    • Max fire rate count: 1
    • Power per shot: 2,282
    • Damage per shot: 236,967
    • Blast radius: 50 meters
    • Projectile speed: very slow
    • Angle of Fire: 10° – 80° (optimal angle for greatest distance 45°)
    • Health: 117,450
    • Mass: 1160 kg
    • Other notes: Usable on ground only


  • ‘Sideways Driving’ setting
    • This setting is only applied to Wheels, Wings, Rudders, Skis, Thrusters, Propellers when using camera controls
    • When ‘Sideways driving’ is off, your Robot (with these parts) will not turn/strafe when you push ‘left and right’, you can only steer with the camera (this is simpler for new users and easier to understand when you are learning camera controls, and some players may also prefer it this way)
    • When this setting is off, your Robot will always turn to go forwards when you push forwards and reverse when you push backwards (again, easier to learn and understand if you’re a new user, and some may prefer it this way)
    • This applies to thrusters too, although thrusters retain their ability to ‘strafe’ when left and right is pushed


  • ‘Tanks turn to face camera’ setting
    • This setting is only applied to tank track parts
    • When turned off, Tanks will not turn constantly to face the same direction as the camera (as they do now) and will only turn when you push one of the direction keys (i.e. forward, back, left, right)
    • ‘Forward bias’ has also been removed, so your tank will always move forwards or backwards in the quickest way they can go based on the direction you are saying you want to go, as opposed to taking longer to turn sometimes in favour of driving forwards
    • These settings only apply when using camera controls


We’ve made some changes and improvements to some of the parts in the game:

  • Wheels:
    • Improved handling when using Camera controls, particularly very tight turning when you are moving slow
    • Added some steering capabilities to non-steering wheels. They aren’t as good as steering wheels, but they can steer a little.
  • Skis:
    • These have been reworked, they now behave a bit like wheels but without any forward force generation or braking (think more like ice skates than skis if you like).
    • You will still need thrust to make them move though
    • Skis work now have a camera control option.
  • Windowmaker Module:
    • Windowmaker Module Forge cost reduced from 67,500 to 50,000 robits
    • Windowmaker Module Recycle rate reduced from 16,875 to 12,500 robits
    • Windowmaker Module health was reduced from 27,338 to 20,250


  • Fixed a bug which allowed some cosmetic parts to block rail weapon penetration
  • Premium awarded via promo code now applies instantly – players no longer need to re-log to see the premium on their account
  • Fixed a bug which prevented some rail guns shooting forward when used on small Robots
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Chain Splitter crosshair from rotating/spinning up correctly
  • The Rail Piercer and Aeroflak Sentinel models no longer change when zooming in with the camera
  • Fixed a bug which allowed rails to penetrate some electroshields when they shouldn’t
  • Rail gun crosshair ‘X’ now appears in the correct situation to indicate that the weapon is not ready/cannot be fired
  • Fixed a bug with the Headlamps model that failed to render the ‘light bulb’
  • Players can now correctly see the light projected by the Headlamps on Robots that are not their own (Headlamp light is only visible to players with GOOD quality settings and above)
  • Player avatars now display correctly in Play vs AI mode
  • If a player changes their custom avatar or clan image while another player is viewing the clan/friends list or party/custom game widgets the image will update correctly
  • Multiple language corrections
  • Current BRAWL play screen text fully localised
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