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Breaking away from the prototype and setting sights on the real game, Guts & Glory now has a technical blueprint and the full game structure scaffolds in place.

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"Break! Break! Break!"
It's not easy to let go of a working prototype. It's extremely tempting to spiral into adding more and more cool stuff into it. However, having a messy code base does not work well with a very tight schedule. Farewell prototype, it's time for some serious engineering:

"Plans are worthless but planning is everything"
(D. Eisenhower)
For Guts & Glory to be a (hopefully) great arcade game, it must begin as a well-designed C++ project. It needs a flexible internal structure that's also simple and clear. This is were most of this week's effort was invested. Guts & Glory now has the scaffolds for the full game structure in place and ready for work.

You can see the interim home screen, controls setup, level selection and the level stats placeholder. Everything is still work-in-progress but the core is there.

Full Throttle
It's time to gain speed and get to the point of having a fully working game playable through the first few levels. The sky is clear and the target is in sight, so stay tuned and thanks for the support :)

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