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With over 15 guns in creation as I write this, it is looking like a bright end of the year for "Early is the Night" I have a few more images of the current guns in game. They should be up in a few hours as I have to get back to working on the improvements to the looting system! Have a great weekend guys. -ShakyShawn8151

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The looting script is already going good, I want to go beyond good tho. I want users to feel joy in looting, when they find that next good item and feel great about there new found item. I am also going to work a bit more on the models for the crafting system, so far I got the herb crafting going great. I will start working on weapon crafting monday, It as well could use a few improvements. all is well this way, I hope you all are enjoying what you see here, I am a very dedicated dev. if you would like to contribute to the development of this game you can head to and search for project "early is the night"

I will try to keep all the pages updated as much as I can with the new updates and stuff that I will be working on.

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