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A review of Gunpowder from Toucharcade, one of the biggest sites in mobile gaming.

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This is Toucharcade's review of Gunpowder, for iPad, by Keith Swiader and it should give anyone a more thorough idea of what the game is like, how it plays, how the mechanics works and any information you might be interested. You can of course ask us about any of that here, but reviews are always useful and Toucharcade is pretty well known. Here is the Toucharcade Gunpowder Review, and below are some quotes from the review.

Keith wrote: The early stages can be a bit of a drag due to their severe simplicity, though soon after you’ll have hay-stacked wagons, cannons and even TNT added to the equation, where you’ll need to figure out how to get each to work together in more complex, Rube Goldberg-style chain reactions. They eventually all add up to make a game that has just enough complexity in each level to make it thought-provoking while not leaving you wondering what to do next for too long.

Keith wrote: ...Gunpowder is a clever game, and the original $4.99 asking price is well worth it for the whimsical art and explosive puzzle gameplay that’s included. Here we have the simple story of a hero trying to bring down the baddie told in such a classic cat-and-mouse way that Gunpowder will appeal to both fans of puzzle games and cartoons alike.

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