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Gunnhildr is a FPS Rogue-Lite inspired by Norse Mythology, in which players assume the role of an exiled heroine. She is leading a rebellion against the Elders of Niflheim to protect its innocent citizens from the one natural resource (halite) which is both the planet's salvation and undoing.

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Since January we at RatDog Games have been focusing on trying to pull together most of the content that we created in the past. Enabling progression, having more power ups and pulling our core experience together was our most important goal. In saying that we just released a new demo!

With that said, here is what we've been working on the past few months:

  • One of four areas generated procedurally
  • Weapons now spawn in game instead of automatically being in your inventory
  • First revision of over 130 power ups
  • Functional shop has been added in game with first revision of shopkeeper dialog
  • Challenge Areas / teleporters have been implemented
  • Visceral Finisher Implemented -> Now when you hit an enemy weak point you can rip out their halite!
  • Level Progression Implemented -> Able to transition between levels now
  • Revision 1 of Mini Boss area and Main Boss area
  • Gameplay Tweaks -> Combat much faster and higher difficulty overall
  • Grenades and grenade power ups added
  • Dying will now restart a run for the player

Gameplay Update Video:

Gameplay Update Demo:

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