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Gunnheim has received it's first major update

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After being two weeks in Steam Early Access SIEIDI's developers have received a fair amount of feedback from the player community which has enabled and helped the team to develop the game onwards

latest version ( includes the following updates;


  • New playable character: Laknir
  • New enemy: Mammoth
  • New weapon: Plasma shotgun
  • New weapon: 50cal machine gun
  • New attacks for Faun
  • Loot table: Weapons are now categorized: Common - Rare - Epic, for different drop chances
  • Added Mammoth to spawn on various levels
  • Added Huntsman death animation
  • Added Spear Wolf death animation
  • Added special weapon icon hover above player
  • Added special weapon icon to show current ammo count
  • Added sounds for various stuff
  • Added models for missing weapons
  • Added icons for missing weapons

Gunnheim indiedb2


  • Spear Wolfs staying still
  • Portals of doom spawning critters in the air
  • Huntsman only killing one player and ignoring others, now kills whole team
  • Fixed issue where special skill was reset after revive
  • Fixed Faun legs not moving while taking damage
  • Fixed press the red button visuals not showing on clients
  • Fixed grenade shotgun projectiles not showing on clients
  • Fixed issue where level could be won and failed at the same time
  • Fixed issue where animated trees would break AI navigation
  • Fixed issue where lobby character was changed back to Zerker when locked
  • Fixed issue where multiple effects was played on shotgun weapons


  • Adjusted enemy spawn rates for different amount of players
  • Explosive projectiles now deal friendly damage
  • Revive now only gives 10hp and special skill won't reset if already used
  • Removed dodge from Spear Wolf
  • Increased Golem summon chance
  • Increased Huntsman spawn chances
  • Removed shotgun shooting delay from Huntsman
  • Bosses & Huntsman health is now adjusted on player count
  • Enemy spawn rates on different player counts
  • Adjusted Huntsman spawn positions on different levels
  • Improved Huntsman network movement
  • Tweaked weapon effects
  • Last Golem fight ("Final boss") in pool is now more difficult

Gunnheim INDIEDB1

Known Issues

  • Spear Wolf weapons deal damage when walking over them
  • Laknir stats not calculated correctly

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