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Let me know if you have any problem on the game. Enjoy.

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Main File :

Make sure you install all update to make the game run properly.

Minimum requirements :

Cpu : Dual core from Intel or AMD at 3 GHz

Ram : 2 GB

OS : Windows 7

VGA : nVidia GeForce 8600/9600GT, ATI/AMD Radeon HD2600/360

Sound Card : DirectX Compatible

Free Disk Space : 2 GB

Recommended :

Cpu : Quad core from Intel or AMD at 4 GHz ( strong single thread performance is recommended )

Ram : 4 GB

OS : Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10

VGA : Nvidia GTX 550 ti, Radeon 6790

Sound Card : DirectX Compatible

Free Disk Space : 2 GB

you may found out can run other modern game smoothly but still get fps drop on certain gundam attack like GP02 nuke due the old engine cant take advantage modern system.

Installation instruction :

  • Simply double click the exe file & clicking will do the job. Using default folder destination is recommended for easier future update.
  • By default it will use 1366 x 768 resolution. change it using config.exe if it doesnt fit with your monitor resolution. remember to close the game after press apply button & use Gundam Versus.exe to play the game to ensure you can play all units & maps.

Basic keyboard button :

Enter : choosing menu / unit

Esc : exit menu / game

Directional button : choose other menu / unit movement

A : sub attack 1

S : change target

S + forward button : change to the farthest target

S + backward button : change to the closest target

D : sub attack 2

F : sub attack 3

Z : ascend boost

Z + Z ( fast double click ) : boost dash

X : normal shot

C : melee attack

C + backward button : parry ( only for specific unit )

V : guard button

V + V + V ( fast triple click ) : EX burst mode ( faster energy, boost, & weapon cooldown recover )

V + X : guard escape / guard counter ( vary between units )

you may found out other combination button such as A + all 4 directional button on strike gundam

to change form.

Troubleshooting :

  1. If the game cant run & power up kit message with other unknown word show up, open the game folder & go to Patch folder. on the registry folder double click all registry & click yes.
  2. If the game doesnt load all 30 units & maps it mean you use Config.exe or WindomXP.exe to play instead Gundam Versus.exe. Always use Gundam Versus.exe to load all mods
  3. If the game still doesnt load all 30 units & maps it mean the game got conflict with previous save game mod that installed on your pc such as seed mod or msv mod. Go to localdisk C -> User -> Your PC User Name -> AppData ( hidden folder, make sure you make it show up on folder options at control panel ) -> Local -> Delete WindomXP & other windom save game such as SEEDMsvR. Copy WindomXP & SEEDMsvR folder on Patch folder to Local folder.
  4. If d3dx9_43.dll is missing message stuff show up, install the directx redist
  5. If you can find correct resolution setting for your monitor, open the game folder & open config.ini. Write your own custom resolution there & save.
  6. If screenshot file doesnt appear on sreenshot folder it mean the screenshot generated on main game folder that same folder with exe file.
  7. The new update from avast & AVG antivirus will count the game extender as a virus so make sure you add exception for gundam versus.exe on your antivirus.
  8. ( Submited by taylorhoangzen ) If you cant load all units on Windows 10 right click on Gundam Versus.exe, click properties, go to compatibility tab, tick "run this program in compatility for" & set it to Windows 7 then click apply.
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