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An all-new demo, now showcasing local multiplayer with up to four players simultaneously. Play single player as well!

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Game Description
Guild of the Small takes place in the home of a researching wizard. His spell gone awry leads to your miniaturization, and you find that he has even trapped some of his test subjects in the novels strewn about his house. It’s up to you and your friends to venture forth beyond the bindings, traverse these worlds, release those who have been captured, and enlist their help to return to normal.

This is the second major demo release for Guild of the Small. It is not meant to be bug-free or anywhere near a final release state.
Due To Time Constraints, This Demo Only Supports Playing With A Gamepad. Keyboard/Mouse Is Not Supported.


Link To Downloads

Via Google Drive:
Guild of the Small Windows/MacOSX


  • Co-op couch multiplayer for 1 - 4 players simultaneously on gamepads.
  • Items to collect and customize your characters.
  • Three levels to explore and an overworld.
  • Six skill trees unlocked to test out.
    • Fire
    • Ice
    • Rock
    • Fighting
    • Defense
    • Stealth
  • Two different enemies in every level.
  • Collect coins and Elemental Materials as you traverse the worlds.

Known Issues

  • Input
    • Mouse/Keyboard play is not currently supported in this demo.
  • Movement
    • Climbing vines have issues sometimes. Animation issues as well.
  • Interface
    • Some screen resolutions are not optimised and may have elements cut off or sub-optimal screen placements.
  • Skills
    • Cast bar does not show individually for players yet.
    • Animations may be incorrect, or not shown while casting
    • Some skill trees have skills removed for now
    • Mana Bar is unused currently
    • Some skills may not work properly
    • Some skills may not have a visual effect yet.
  • Enemies
    • Some enemies are missing animations and sound effects
  • Items
    • Items are currently cosmetic and provide no benefit.
  • Level End
    • Each level currently has the same NPC with same dialog. NPC also will not appear in overworld.
  • Camera
    • Occasional camera issues.
  • Balancing
    • Some gameplay balance has been worked on, however some enemies may not scale appropriately and seem to easy/hard. Some skill cooldowns/damage are not properly balanced.
  • Misc
    • Returning to overworld when one or more players are dead will cause issues.

What’s Coming In Demo v0.3

  • Character customization
    • Name
    • Appearance
    • Choose Skill Trees
  • Achievement System
    • Gain new skill trees through your playstyle, and new items as well.
  • New Characters
    • Each new level is a chance to save someone who can help you on your quest. Magic users, alchemists, tailors; you could use all the help you can get.
  • New Worlds

Please let us know about any problems you experience, or gameplay you particularly enjoyed! Particularly multiplayer gameplay issues and feedback. Thanks!

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