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I'm back! And I have some news. Some good, some bad - depends on your viewpoint of the news.

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Hello hello!
It's been some months again.
But! I've decided a few things in my absence. You can find all the decisions I've made in a list below.

1. I'm going back to FPSC. While limited, I have a project there already and I simply don't have the time to get familiar with Unity. This is clear as I've been too busy to even open Unity in the past year. Sad, I know.


2. I'm working on Level 3 as I type this. It won't be done for some time, but by the end of this year I expect and will try to have 3 new levels, packed with stuff for all of you to enjoy for once, after so long.


3. I've decided that I'll do what I can - but if I can't add something to the game, it gets cut. Simple as that. No work-arounds unless obvious to do, and no spending time trying to implement the same idea into the engine if it takes too long. I just need to start working on it again without losing creativity and time.


I'm well aware the game will more than likely come out as mediocre, and you know what? That's fine with me. It's my first game, and it's the first time I've ever tried something like this. I'm working my hardest but I can't guarantee anything above that. I can only try.

I'm sorry for the huge delay and I appreciate anyone still following; I hope you look forward to a few new levels and I'll see what I can do about this game coming to light - Mediocre or not.
That's all for now, but as always, stay classy folks.

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