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Tripmine studios decided to give you some new media from Operation Black Mesa and Guard Duty. Hope you enjoy them.

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With the end of the world just around the corner, we thought we could say proper goodbye to our fans. Sadly, we can't make the release till the 21st December. Yea, we still hope that it's all just a sick joke and that we will wake up in the morning of 22nd December, but you never know...

So here we are with our small update, just to report what we had been up to last few months.
I'm proud of our team's progress. We had done big strides and what's even better, some maps are getting into somehow playable state, a lot of weapons is also implemented in-game, we kicked off our SFX department, so we are getting loads of custom sounds in-game and slowly replacing old HL2/CSS content with our own content.

Those who follow us on our Facebook profile probably remember we promised that Operation Black Mesa will come to Greenlight this year. Unfortunately, we can't fulfill this promise and we will definitely not make it this year. Expect it to happen early next year, as long as our world will still exist. Later on, Guard Duty should get the very same treatment as Operation Black Mesa and will appear on Greenlight as well.

Mod of the Year Awards
Vote for Guard Duty

Greenlight campaign will be launched with nice media update focusing solely on certain project. Yes, that means that we are basically working on 2 more (quite big) updates right now and on the top of that, there is even third one in progress, not directly related to Guard Duty, nor Operation Black Mesa ;). As you can see, we are really busy and just to get an idea how busy we are, our 3D artist Paul, who made Calhoun's arms model for this update didn't take a shower for 5 days just to deliver you the picture of arms in time....

Before we close this update, we would like to remind you that MOTY 2012 is currently running. Not that we think you could missed such a big event it somehow, but just in case... We would appreciate if you support our projects. We are curious if we can make it to the TOP 100 and maybe even to the TOP 10 afterwards? How awesome would that be ? :)

And the last, but not least, we are seeking more talented people, who would like to join us. Below, you can find a list of positions we are looking for. Please, note that There are no monetary rewards.

Particle artist

Our team is looking for people, who are experienced with Valve's particle editor. The task is to deliver us custom, high-quality particles (fire, rain, snow, steam, smoke....) at our request.

Concept artist

We are looking for more concept artists to help us out with this department. Concept artists are supposed to deliver various artworks at our request, ranging from human characters, aliens to various kinds of environments.

Level Designers

Experienced level designers are welcome to the team. We are looking for mappers for both, single player and multiplayer maps.

Our requirements:

  • At least 2 years of experiences with Hammer.
  • Knowledge of I/O system, map compiling, proper optimization techniques.
  • You must be a team player.
  • You should own HL: Opposing Force/ HL: blue shift

3D Artist (Character/Prop artist)

We need back-up in our 3D department! A lot of custom models is needed to be done and we need even more manpower!
We are looking for prop modelers and/or character artist. You are going to create a models at our request, based on concept arts and/or photo references.


  • At least 2 years of experiences with 3Ds Max, Zbrush (or other modeling software)
  • Being able to create both, low and high poly models and bake properly
  • You should be able to texture your models and compile them for Source engine

3D Animator

Our team is looking for another 3D animator, who will animate our props, weapons and character models.


  • Being experienced with Maya, 3Ds max or similar software.
  • You should be able of rigging the models.
  • Experiences with Source engine are welcome

These are our top priority positions. If you don't see your position listed, no worries! We are looking for anyone, who can be valuable addition to the team (aside of music composers and voice actors). Don't hesitate and apply at: If you don't like sending E-mail for some reason, then apply through our forum.
Make sure you write a little bit about yourself and attach some previous works!

So, we reached the end of the update. I bet you already checked out our new media. Make sure to subscribe on our Youtube channel and Facebook page. This way you can be sure you won't miss anything! And I should also mention our new Steam group. I recommend you to join the group as long as you wish to be informed (and become a part) of our possible future community events.
Big thanks to everyone for your support. I'm sure we will all meet in 2013 in the end. I bet our beautiful world is far from it's fate. The future is bright for sure!


You definitely got my vote! Hope you find all the help you need and continue! Best of luck to you!

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The green collar around the neck of the HEV suite is rather weird...
Maybe a shiny metal surface would be better, imho, much like original guards helmets or similar...
Not a big issue, anyway, given that we will only see that model in game for just a few moments...

You have my vote!

Keep up the good work!

All the best!

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I wish I had the experience to help out! I hope you find the people you need.

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I would like to be a concept artist. I've drawn for a few years, but I still think my work is a bit sub par of what you're looking for. Hopefully with more practice I could lend a hand.

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you rarely update this page, and then only get around to doing it when you want votes for mod of the year? Im sorry, you aren't getting my vote this year. If you can give us more communication, then you will have mine next.

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McSug4r Author

We do have good communication in our opionion. We update our Facebook page for example and there is even some extra media. We are also active on our forum. You people have to realize that there is no only Moddb at first ;)
And yes, it's also the fact we don't want to do media updates that big and very often for many reason. It will save us time we can spend on the real development instead and the second reason is that we simply can't do it, as long as we don't want to spoil entire game before it's release...

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well most good PR guys for mods will sync there news and media across all of their sources. sorry If I am a bit frank but its the truth

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I actually like the 2 toned color on the suit, great jobs guys, kudos for bring back the old HALF-LIFE games to life. would love to see these series become Co-op..

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Voted again for best upcoming mod.

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Nice stuff! Voted for both mods!

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