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The GTA Iron Man project, leaves your GTA San Andreas as an authentic marvel game. This is his story

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For various years I have been working this project on my own and i learned something in the process: if you have a dream, you have to fight for it at all costs. I wanted to modify a videogame in the style of my favorite superhero Iron Man. The first post i made was long ago in the year 2012 in my website. Unfortunately few people believed i could ever archieve that dream and I didn't have much help for a long time. It was until the year 2020 when i met Uchiha Batuhan, a turkish modder who decided to give a hand on such a collosal project that took place on my head. The features i wanted were hard to do but here we are and the project was finally released.

Here is a list of functions added by me to the game

  • Stark Mansion fully accessible inside and outside,
  • The player model Tony Stark,
  • An armor menu with options to wear armor or form an army of flying robots
  • Enemies: Whiplash, the Mandarin and Ultron,
  • Audi R8 e-tron car,
  • Avengers Tower (modified from Stark Tower),
  • Stark Industries
  • Cave of his initial escape in the first film
  • Costumes available in all locations (by maxirp).
  • More than 50 armor converted to GTA by me
  • Mark 8 armor created by me
  • C ++ code to change most of the game's features
  • jarvis mobile interface, both visual and auditory

As a bonus it has additions made by Uchiha:

  • Thrusters,
  • 2d effects,
  • Textures,
  • Cleo codes
  • Animations
  • Laxxter, another Latin modder converted 3d models of characters to the game GTA San Andreas,
  • Markmadrox made contributions on characters too
  • Yuniwii contributed skins
  • quechus13 designed mark 41 asgardian armor by himself
  • SSingh511 ported most models to 3D formats
  • H1Vltg3 made the Stark tower model
  • mrandres5555 contributed animations
  • Aperture Gamer made code that I could translate into another programming language
  • JulioNIB inspired many ideas thanks to his project for GTA 5
  • Prince Minati inspired the idea of ​​the mark 7 pod that rescues Tony Stark by acting as a parachute
  • I also have to thank user J16D who made an amazing pack of animations that I used. Also codes that I translated into c ++
  • Thanks to a tool developed by the modder Dk22pac I was able to write a plugin to change the movement and behavior of the entire game: loading screens, music and sound effects, animations, particles, superpowers, armor selection, save points, clothing with armor and the list goes on.
  • The user Silent, who is one of the best gta programmers, made the tool to load programs to gta
  • User Link2012 made modloader, a handy tool to load any extras into the game
  • Coingod made the react to explosions mod, which was adapted to the project
  • ATP made a target storage and execution system (translated into c ++ by me)

In the process many modders tried to replicate my work but i persevered to succeed. I kept making this project in spite of every copy, imitation or plagiarism they tried to make to my work. And despite different versions of the same product. And you may be asking yourselves was it worth it to spend 8 years making something that has a lot of copies? of course it was, because now some videogames news websites recommend my work in their articles.

Here are some links to those news websites:

How to install? there you have!

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