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Grid Masters is one of the indie games in the Build A Greenlight Bundle currently on Groupees! Check it out and help us get Greenlit! We're also hard at work on new features like network play, a training mode, and a stats system.

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We are excited to announce that Grid Masters is one of the indie games in the Build A Greenlight Bundle on Groupees! Check out the bundle and be sure to vote “yes” for us on Greenlight!

We’d like to take a bit to talk about the roadmap for Grid Masters. We think it’s best to be transparent with the community and let you know what we’re working on. Here is the order in which we are planning to get updates out:

  1. Our focus right now is to get network play working. We have run into a lot of bugs but are slowly but surely making our way through them. The update for the beta will only include connections through an entered ip and port.

  2. Next, we plan on making a training mode to make it easier to learn the movesets of each character and allow players to practice new combos.

  3. After that, we’re planning on implementing a stats system that will help us balance the characters by getting information for each game that’s played. This should also set a base for implementing a replay system.

Other things planned for later in development include game mutators, AI bots, and online match-making.

Another thing we want to discuss is ETAs. We’re unfortunately going to have to move to a “when it’s ready” release schedule. Several of our members are having to get jobs elsewhere to pay their bills. Once the game begins making enough money to start supporting full time work, we can look into having more predictable release dates.

We would also like to give warning that before the end of the year the first beta will end. We were a little over-enthusiastic about jumping up to beta status and now realize how much work we have left to do. When this beta ends, we plan on having two versions of the game available: a demo and an early access version (which will essentially be the second beta and will last until the game’s full release). The demo will have limited access to characters and levels, while the early access version will give players access to new characters, levels, features, and game mutators as soon as they are ready.

As always, if you have any question or suggestions you can always reach us on social media or email us at

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